Marlene Galán-Woods and Laura Pastor Declare Runs for Congress

The race to secure the Democratic Nomination for Arizona Congressional Districts (CD) One and Three are drawing more qualified and interesting candidates.

Marlene Galán-Woods declares for CD One.

Photo from the Rose Law Group.

In Arizona CD One, journalist and public policy advocate Marlene Galán-Woods (the widow of the former State Attorney General, Grant Woods) has declared her candidacy to unseat the ethically challenged David Schweikert in a redrawn district that now leans Democrat (its present configuration went for Joe Biden in 2020.)

In her official announcement, Mrs. Woods stated:

“I am launching our campaign for Congress because I cannot sit by as Republican extremists attack our freedoms and liberties. As a 35-year resident of Arizona, mother of five children, daughter of Cuban refugees who fled Communism, and broadcast journalist who held the powerful accountable, I know our community needs a leader who will put Arizona first. But right now, the radical Republican majority, supported and enabled by Congressman David Schweikert, is hellbent on attacking our rights, our futures, and our livelihoods. When I’m elected, I will fight to ensure voting rights, restore our reproductive rights, and protect Social Security and Medicare.”

Mrs. Wood’s campaign also released an introductory campaign video:

In excerpts from the video, Mrs. Woods offers:

“I’m Marlene Galán-Woods, and I’m running for Congress because our freedoms, our liberties are under attack. Our country is on the very brink of being controlled by extremists who lie, cheat, and line their pockets at your expense…Then in 2016, like many of you, I could not believe what was happening to the United States of America. A dictator wannabe with help from his cronies started tearing apart our country. A country that took in my parents who were fleeing Castro’s Communist dictatorship in Cuba so many years ago…When insurrectionists tore through the halls of Congress on January 6th. It shook me to my core, all the stories I heard growing up about my own parents’ escape from Cuba, came flooding back. I could not shake the similarities…Then the Supreme Court strips away our rights to make decisions about our own bodies. You know what’s next? Voting rights. They’re already doing it city by city, state by state. Our freedom to vote is being attacked by those who cannot win any other way…They sit back, take millions from the NRA and do nothing while children are slaughtered at their schools and the mall. And now they’re threatening to weaken Medicare in social security and our economy…I will not sugarcoat it. Our country is being held hostage by political extremists like David Schweikert, so I’m running for Congress. I will tell you the unvarnished truth. I will say what needs to be said. I will take on those who put us where we are… if you want a courageous, truthful leader, join me. Support me. I’m Marlene Galán-Woods. Let’s fix this mess.”

Laura Pastor Declares Her Run for CD Three.

Photo from KTAR.

Phoenix Councilwoman Laura Pastor, the daughter of the late former Representative Ed Pastor has also declared her intent to run for Congress in CD Three, the seat now held by Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego.

In a release from her announcement earlier today (May 31, 2023,” the Councilwoman stated:

“My dad taught me that any politician can talk, but it’s the results you deliver that matter. So I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Congress. I am running to put my experience to work on behalf of Arizonans – to take care of our veterans, to have someone looking out for the family budgets, and to protect all of our access to health care including reproductive care.”

The introductory video released by the Pastor campaign shows the impact of her work to assist first responders with three of them praising the Councilwoman’s efforts at forming a cancer screening program that helped 142 people as of December 2019.

One of the responders called the Councilwoman’s actions “Classic Laura. See a problem. Solve a Problem.”

Another testimonial offered, “On issue after issue, Laura never stops solving problems.”

Pivoting to Councilwoman Pastor, she told the audience:

“For five generations, my family has worked for a better Arizona. From my grandfathers who organized workers in the copper mines to my mother who moved with strength and integrity in a time of discrimination…It was my dad who taught me lots of politicians can talk but what matters is what you deliver so I spend my time delivering…”

After more testimonials from flood victims, students, and veterans including telling the viewers that Councilwoman Pastor would fight in Congress for better and affordable health care including reproductive freedom as well as for a cleaner sustainable future, Pastor concludes the ad, saying:

“I’ll never stop fighting to move us forward. I’ll never stop fighting for a better Arizona and I’ll do it with everything I have…”



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