Martha McSally and Moscow Mitch McConnell do not get it.

Most workers want to go back to their jobs.


They just want assurances that it is safe to do so.

With the Coronavirus surging across the country, people being encouraged to social distance and wear masks, individuals with health conditions being asked to stay home, Mr. Trump asking rally attendees to sign waivers absolving him of liability, testing and contact tracing behind schedule, and school openings delayed, what part of workers being afraid to go to their jobs do McSally, Enemy of the People McConnell, and the other Fox Island-Trump Zone cult members not understand.

While there are undoubtedly a few workers out there that are staying home and scamming the system, the vast majority are scared to return to their jobs.

Republicans like Obstructionist in Chief McConnell and McSally do not see a person with diabetes, for example, that is fearful of catching COVID 19 at work.

They see a freeloader.

Political Prince of Darkness McConnell and McSally does not see a middle-aged person that is obese with high blood pressure reluctant to interact with the outside world during a Pandemic.

They see a lazy person who found a way to finally make money staying home.

McConnell, McSally, and the other plutocrats want to force these people back to work by not extending the $600 a week unemployment assistance benefit from the C.A.R.E.’s act.

Ebenezer McConnell, according to reporting from NBC News, actually said it was a mistake in the first place to pass that because it gives people a disincentive to work

Readers can see Martha McSally echoing McConnell’s sentiments, telling constituents in the below video clip that she sees no reason to extend the unemployment benefit at the end of July.

There is a reason Martha McSally is behind in virtually all polls in recent months to Captain Mark Kelly and Rich Mitch McConnell is in the political race of his life in Kentucky.

The people realize they and the other one percent supporting oligarchs in the Republican caucus do not care about them.

They know  Moscow Mitch and Trump enabler Martha McSally are not looking out for them and protecting their interests.

It is time to elect candidates that will.

Please remember:

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