Martha McSally Wants to Go to Washington to Do… Nothing?


McSally ad“Warrior woman”, anti-feminist, and perpetual political candidate Martha McSally wants me to “like” her Facebook page. The only reason someone like me might considering “liking” McSally’s page is to keep tabs on what the stealth candidate with no opinions and no ideas is doing.

But I find McSally’s ad featuring an intense, wild-eyed photo of Nancy Pelosi offensive.

Let’s face it: Republicans hate Pelosi because she’s a woman who got shit done. Pelosi has been labeled one of the most effective Speakers of the House— ever. Two of the hallmarks of Pelosi’s tenure are the passage of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a landmark bill designed to improve the lives of women, and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. (Seems to me that given McSally’s lifestyle, she would be in favor of both equal pay for women and demise of military’s failed anti-gay policy, but since McSally refuses to express opinions, we can only guess at her true beliefs.)

Compare Pelosi’s record to Do-Nothing House Speaker John Boehner who has presided over the two LEAST PRODUCTIVE sessions of Congress— ever.  The least productive Congress (2013) worked 126 days and passed only 15 bills. This year House Majority Leader Eric Cantor gleefully announced that the House of Representatives plans to work even less this year— 113 days. (And they’re worried about welfare recipients getting lazy because they’re “paid for not working”?)

The obvious conclusion is that McSally wants to unseat CD2 Congressman Ron Barber and join Boehner in the House because it’s a powerful job that pays well, it’s got gonga health benefits, and you only work a handful of days per year. McSally has been on the government teet for years– in the military, as a Congressional aide, and at Raytheon. She is the poster child for the military industrial complex. Aspiring to be part of Boehner’s Do-Nothing Congress is right up her alley.


  1. She will be in good company – her fellow Republicans have made it a tenet of faith to do nothing! Or to do harm, like cutting food stamps and refusing to renew unemployment insurance for long-term unemployed!

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