Mayor Regina Romero and the Tucson City Council Unanimously Approve Sending Extension of Prop 411 to the People

In what may lead to more improvements in Tucson’s roads and streets, Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council unanimously approved asking residents to vote for an extension of the 2017 Proposition 411, a half cent sales tax that has funded similar infrastructure improvements over the last four and a half years.

According to a press release from Mayor Romero’s office, If voters approve the measure:

“Eighty percent of the funds generated by Proposition 411 would go towards restoring, repairing, resurfacing and improving local neighborhood streets. The remaining twenty percent would fund street safety improvements that benefit all users and modes, such as: bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, sidewalks, lighting, traffic signal technology, and traffic-calming infrastructure.”

Commenting on Council vote, Mayor Romero stated:

“I hear Tucsonans loud and clear: it is time to fix our streets and ensure that they are safe for all. We need to repair our roads and our infrastructure to provide safe travel for everyone, regardless of whether you drive, walk, bike, or roll. This ballot initiative would allow us to improve the condition of every neighborhood street in the next 10 years.”

The Mayor also posted on social media:


02.01.22 – Tucson Mayor and Council Advance Ballot Initiative to Fix Tucson Roads