Mayors Against Illegal Guns event in Tucson

by David Safier

The Fix Gun Checks mobile truck made it to Tucson today after starting in New York on February 15 and traveling across country to big cities and small towns, holding events and talking with gun victims as well as people who are "survivors" — family and friends of people who were killed by gun violence.


Karin Uhlich introduced the speakers. Since there is no way I can choose which speakers were more important, here is a composite photo of all of them.


Starting at top left, they are: Patricia Maisch (at Jan. 8 shooting, grabbed the second bullet magazine before Loughner could reload), Dr. Peter Rhee (Chief of Trauma at University Medical Center), Randy Gardner (at Jan. 8 shooting), Ross Zimmerman (Gabe Zimmerman's father), Ann Nichols (Gabe's teacher at the School of Social Work and family friend), Tony Baccerra (shooting victim), Carol Gaxiola (daughter killed by someone who bought a gun at a gun show), Omar Samaha (sister was killed in the Virginia Tech shooting. He's been traveling across the country with the Fix Gun Checks truck), Yuhass family (mother and daughter. Daughter lost her husband and her daughter to gun violence 10 years ago), Sen. Dennis DeConcini, Vince Rabago (former Assistant Attorney General), Terry Goddard, Tom Volgy (former Tucson mayor), Brett Klein (read a statement for Tucson police chief Roberto Villasenor), Byron Gwaltney (Spoke for Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik), Tony Estrada (Santa Cruz County Sheriff), Rev. Jan Flaaten and Pastor David Wilkinson.

I'll let the real journalists out there give a rundown of the various speeches when they cover the event on television and in the papers. It looked like all the media were there. If I think they left anything out when I see their coverage, I'll fill in the blanks.

UPDATE: More coverage of the event from Carolyn Classen,(h/t to Carolyn for getting all the names right so I could correct my post) and background information from Hugh Holub. The progressive blogosphere is leading the coverage.

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  1. Talk about a Mayor riding the fence on an issue. She should resign. Check the story out here: