Everything is on the Internet– including stories “they” don’t want you to find.

I researched my Martha McSally story over a few days before I posted this– Martha McSally: Warrior woman hides from questions, constituents, inconsistencies — on Sunday.


Consequently, I know what search results you get when you Google her name different ways, since I used the following search strings multiple times: “martha mcsally,” “martha mcsally gay,” “martha mcsally husband,”  “martha mcsally washington post” and “donald f henry.”

Before I posted the story debunking her feminist claims, debunking her denial of being a “cookie cutter” Republican candidate, revealing that she was afraid to meet with constitutents and answer questions, and calling for transparency related to accusations about a sham marriage while she was in the Air Force, one would get pages of Google results for any of the searches above. (Of course, in Google’s own quirky way, not all of the stories were relevant but many were. For the record, it looked as if Henry– her ex– had already been scrubbed from the Internet, except for a reference in an old Air Force magazine.)

Yesterday and today, when I Googled “martha mcsally,” it looked as if someone was trying to push my BfAZ story off of the first page of Google results. Now what you get — instead of news– is her campaign website (which always comes up first), but now it is followed by generic background like her Wikipedia entry, a link to her background, and a non-story based upon old comments related to burkas and the War on Women in the Middle East. Real news has been pushed down.

Yesterday, when I Googled “martha mcsally gay,” I got three entries– all old and referring to her anti-gay statements but not including the BfAZ story, which had been at the top of a string of links on Sunday and Monday.

Hmmm… Today– thanks to a new comment on that story– it’s on page one again.

McSally needs to stop playing games– like a  “cookie cutter” Republican would do– and answer the questions raised in that story. Why did she get married in Pima County in 1997 and then travel to Santa Cruz County at the end of 1999 to have the marriage annulled? Her lawyer’s office is two miles from the Pima County court. Why drive 90 miles? Did it have something to do with that promotion she got to Senator Jon Kyl’s office in 1999?

What is she hiding? (For images of the court documents and more background, go here.) We need to put pressure on McSally for a statement on these issues. It’s a matter of truthfulness, transparency, and integrity– values she says she stands for as a “warrior.”