McSally tries the 2018 version of the Daisy Ad

Clip of 1964 Daisy Ad supporters of Lyndon Johnson ran against Barry Goldwater
In the 1964 Presidential Election, an anti- Barry Goldwater ad from supporters for Lyndon Johnson depicting a little girl named Daisy holding a flower as a bellowing voice counted down to zero followed by an imploding mushroom cloud.
In 2018, supporters of Martha McSally, through a Mitch McConnell aligned Super Pac,  broadcast earlier ads containing false charges that questioned Representative Sinema’s support for the military, law enforcement, and children’s rights. Today, this same McConnell allied Super Pac has come out with the latest version of the “Daisy Ad” with a direct mail ad, claiming that Phoenix will become a nuclear wasteland because of Sinema’s support for the Iran deal and her opposition to keeping Luke Air Force Base open or creating the Department of Homeland Security.
How do these assertions stand up to scrutiny?
They do not.
Again the McSally campaign and her supporters have engaged in false advertising.
With regards to the Iran Deal, several former Republican foreign policy experts implored the Trump Administration not to withdraw from the six-nation Iran Nuclear Agreement which has been successful in preventing the development of an Iranian nuclear bomb.
In reference to Luke Air Force Base, as the below links demonstrate, Representative Sinema has supported and worked to ensure that the military (including Luke Air Force Base) and our veterans are well funded.
The final assertion that Representative Sinema did not support the creation of the Department of Homeland Security is confusing because that department came into existence about ten years before Ms. Sinema was elected to Congress.
These “scare” and “fear-mongering” tactics have no place in our public discourse. They should be condemned for what they are: the desperate attempts of a campaign that has nothing to run on by running on fear and terrifying families to make misinformed decisions on election day.

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2 thoughts on “McSally tries the 2018 version of the Daisy Ad”

  1. McSally also has another new attack ad featuring disgraced former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, an anti-immigrant hardliner and coconspirator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was disbarred by a disciplinary panel of the Arizona State Supreme Court for his actions as county attorney. The complaint alleged 32 ethics rules violations by Thomas, involving conflicts of interest, dishonesty, misrepresentation, filing a frivolous suit, and filing charges against county officials solely to embarrass or burden them. The report also alleges that Thomas engaged in criminal conduct and “conspired… with others to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate Judge (Gary) Donahoe” by filing a criminal complaint against him.

    This is her character witness?

    “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

    • Andrew Thomas again? He lost in the Republican primary to Tom Horne in 2010 for Attorney General, then in the Republican primary for Governor in 2014 in a six way race, coming in 5th of 6 candidates. Oddly enough Frank Riggs (now the 2018 nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction) came in last in that race. In the interim of those 2 races, Thomas was disbarred by the State Bar of Arizona.

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