While his twice impeached, twice David Duke endorsed, and twice popular vote loser predecessor was undergoing the third day of his record second impeachment trial, President Joe Biden was doing three things Donald Trump never could:

Governing, working to help people and living up to his oath.


Readers may not know it because of the oxygen-sucking impeachment trial but the Biden/Harris Administration has taken several positive steps to help the American People, move the country forward, and restore its place as a beacon for Democracy and human rights around the world. These steps include:

School re-openings have become an Issue.

The one area where the Biden/Harris has stumbled on is its position on school reopenings. While they have consistently stated that schools should only reopen when they are safe, some confusion justifiably arose when the new CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated it was not necessary for all teachers to be vaccinated for schools to reopen safely.

Obviously, a substantial number of teachers do not feel that way.

The other area of confusion regarding school reopenings was when Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, said the Administration would be satisfied if schools were only open one day a week for in-person instruction.

That comment was quickly clarified as well with Ms. Psaki saying the Biden/Harris Administration would not be satisfied unless schools were open for instruction five days a week.

More will be clearer when the CDC releases its new guidelines regarding school reopenings on February 12, 2021.

Of course, members of the former Party of Lincoln are trying to use the issue of schools remaining closed as a wedge issue accusing teacher’s unions of unnecessarily keeping children away from in-person instruction.

Total bull fecal matter on their part like their positions on most other social justice issues.

Does anyone seriously think teachers like instructing children remotely?

Most people, other than Trump Zone-Fox Island residents have probably stopped listening to these assertions from the fringe right.

What they see is an Administration that, unlike the last one is governing, working to help them, and living up to the oaths they took on January 20, 2021.