Merrick Garland will finally get a chance to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee close to five years after Republicans sat on his nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

As President-Elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Attorney General.


With the increasing likelihood that Democrats will gain control of the Senate (goodbye Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell,) the Biden/Harris team will have a much easier time of confirming their judicial nominees, including Judge Garland’s leading position on the Washington D.C. United States Court of Appeals.

According to reporting by the Associated Press, other Justice Department appointments will be:

  • Former homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco as Deputy Attorney General.

Prospective Deputy Attorney General Nominee Lisa Monaco. Photo from O’Melveny

  • Former Justice Department Civil Rights Chief Vanita Gupta as Associate Attorney General.

Prospective Associate Attorney General Nominee Vanita Gupta. Photo from Wikipedia

  • Former New York State Head of the Civil Rights Bureau in the Attorney General’s office Kristen Clarke for Assistant General for the Civil Rights Division.

Kristen Clarke, Nominee for Assistant General for the Civil Rights Division. Photo from lawyers committee for civil rights

Please click here to view their biographies.

With these latest selections, the makeup of the leading positions in the Biden/Harris Administration is:

White Women: 23

Black Women: 16

Latino Women: 6

Asian Women: 7

Native American Women: 1

White Men: 17

Black Men: 4

Latino Men: 7

Asian Men: 6

Native American Men: 0

On these nominations, President-Elect Biden wrote:

“Our first-rate nominees to lead the Justice Department are eminently qualified, embody character and judgment that is beyond reproach, and have devoted their careers to serving the American people with honor and integrity. They will restore the independence of the Department so it serves the interests of the people not a presidency, rebuild public trust in the rule of law, and work tirelessly to ensure a more fair and equitable justice system. They are among the most accomplished legal minds in our country who also reflect the best of America’s full range of talents and background. I am honored they accepted this call to serve at such a critical time in our nation’s history.”

Vice President-Elect Harris relayed:

“Fidelity to the rule of law forms the bedrock of America’s democracy. And in the face of both the damage that has been done to our Justice Department and our country’s long-overdue reckoning on racial injustice, these are the right leaders to meet this moment. These Justice Department veterans will not only help make sure justice is applied equally across our country, they will also restore integrity and independence to the Justice Department, helping rebuild the American people’s trust in the institution. And I look forward to working closely with them to help America live up to the words etched at the United States Supreme Court: Equal Justice Under Law.”

The remaining cabinet-level positions to be announced are:

Central Intelligence Agency Director.

Secretary of Labor.
Secretary of Commerce.
Head of N.A.S.A.

Small Business Administrator.

Please watch the historic announcement by clicking on the below video link.