Metro Week to air on AZPM starting June 6

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Metro Week, a 30-minute, regionally focused news and public affairs television program, will debut Friday, June 6, at 8:30 p.m.on PBS 6.

Produced and hosted by AZPM’s Andrea Kelly, Metro Week will delve into a key local and regional news with two components: in-depth reporting on current topics relevant to Southern Arizonans and a week-in-review conversation with local journalists, including the Tucson Weekly’s Jim Nintzel. Watch a special preview of Metro Week at

Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly

Viewers will take away information they need to make personal, political and civic decisions, a deeper understanding of how government affects their lives and perspective on stories they may already be following.


News topics of relevance to Tucson and Southern Arizona will drive the program. Metro Week will focus on issues of local government, approaching them with the goal of providing transparency and revelation about how public entities operate. The program will appeal to viewers interested in news and public affairs and engaged in the Friday news and public affairs programming on PBS 6, including PBS NewsHour at 7 p.m., Washington Week at 8 p.m. and Arizona Week, which will move to 9 p.m. Metro Week also seeks to attract new viewers who are interested in local news, government and quality journalism.Metro Week also will join the Sunday public affairs programming block on PBS 6 at 10:30 a.m., followed byArizona Week at 11 a.m. Metro Week will also air Fridays on the UA Channel at 11 p.m. and on WORLD at 11:30 p.m.

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About Andrea Kelly

Andrea began her journalism career at the Arizona Daily Star and has covered government and politics throughout her work in print, radio and television news. She graduated from the University of Arizona School of Journalism, and teaches government reporting as an adjunct instructor at the school. Her coverage has spanned local and state transportation issues and political and governmental coverage in Pima County, the city of Tucson, Marana, Sahuarita and Oro Valley and the Arizona Legislature. She can be reached at



4 responses to “Metro Week to air on AZPM starting June 6

  1. North Of The River

    ‘NorthOf The River’ saw this show and noticed the reporters were mostly woman,but Phoenix PBS ‘Horizon’ ALWAYS have/had Male reporters.

    Wonder why of this??????

    Maybe needs to ‘Cross The Pond’ and ‘occupy’ Phoenix area to correct things!

  2. Well, AZPM took away AZ Illustrated after the format changed to special daily topics such as Arts, Science, Nature, Metro, & Politics. We’ll see how this Metro Week turns out at a later time, 8:30 p.m. Thanks for commenting Tip.

  3. Thomas O'Neill

    Sounds like they might be trying to improve. They have a long way to go before I’ll contribute again though.
    (And is still want someone to explain what a “partial zero emissions vehicle” is, because I am never sure what part of zero they mean).