Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato has set aside time from his campaign to launch a task force designed to help the vulnerable during the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency.

Speaking in a five-minute video launching the initiative on his website, Muscato said that this is a time that “requires us to come together.”

He then relayed that his “CD 8 task force” would “assist seniors in need with the delivery of food and medication supplies, no matter what political party.”

 Muscato then advised people that he and his team “were working with the Valley View Community Food Bank in El Mirage and Sun City.” He encouraged people that needed help to contact the campaign either by telephone or via email, saying someone would contact them “within 24 hours.”

 He then asked “Democrats and Republicans in Congress to put the financial resources together to aid the American People,” saying “It is important to have leaders that look out for our best interests that put people over party, country over party.”

Muscato finished by advising the people to “stay home, do the right thing and we can defeat this together…this is about more than us…our businesses….the almighty dollar.”

In the time that Muscato has set up this taskforce, several people in need have been assisted. One of these individuals was a senior citizen in her mid-seventies who had no toilet paper, food, and bottled water that was trying to last until April 1 when her food stamp aid was delivered.

To date, about 24 people have enlisted the aid of the CD Eight Task Force. Muscato expects “to see that number jump exponentially.”

 With respect to his campaign team, he wrote:

“My volunteer base is large (don’t want to open any eyes) but our entire field effort is now dedicated to the task force and we continue to have individualists and organizations reach out to us to join in on our efforts. Our goal is to spread the volunteer base throughout the entire district so that we are as efficient and effective as possible. Anyone who wants to be involved please reach out.”

This effort by Muscato and his team is commendable and should be applauded and replicated. This is public service at its finest.

For more information on the task force and how you can help, please click here.