Anyone watching the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th attack would get the misimpression that Mike Pence was a hero for certifying the 2020 election of Joseph Biden. Mike Pence did his duty, but when is doing one’s duty make one a hero? I served my country. Does that make me a hero? I did my duty. Does that make me a hero? I took an oath to the Constitution. Does that make me a hero?

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump claimed that the 12th Amendment granted the “President of the Senate” sole authority to certify electoral votes. But last week, retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig said in his opening statement to the Committee that there was “no support whatsoever in either the Constitution of the United States or the laws of the United States, for the Vice President, frankly ever, to count alternative electoral slates.”


Had Pence followed Trump’s plan, “America would immediately have been plunged into what would have been tantamount to a revolution within a paralyzing constitutional crisis.” Pence had many chances during the Trump administration to earn his hero’s ribbon. He could have spoken the truth against the mendacious president but kept quiet. He had another chance when Sec. of Education Betsey Devos sounded out other cabinet officials about invoking the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment would have relieved Trump of his powers and elevated Pence to President.

Pence even asked former V.P. Quayle “if there was any way he could pause the certification.” Quayle, to his credit, told Pence, “You have no flexibility on this. None. Zero. Forget it.”

Pence is a tragic figure

Pence is not a true hero. True heroes tell the truth. Pence, under the mistaken opinion, did the right thing. But he is more of a tragic figure in all this. By keeping silent, Pence mistakenly believes he will be able to win over Trump supporters in 2024. Unfortunately, he is wrong because Trump is still around and will never let his supporters forget Pence and his refusal to do the right thing, according to Trump.

At least we forget Pence’s three-minute 14 points of praise for Trump at a Cabinet meeting. In the Cabinet meeting, Pence praises Trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes straight.

Here are just a few of his fawning remarks

  • Thank you for seeing, through the course of this year, an agenda that truly is restoring this country.”
  • “You’ve restored American credibility on the world stage.”
  • “You’ve spurred an optimism in this country that’s setting records.”
  • “You promised the American people in that campaign a year ago that you would deliver historic tax cuts, and it would be a ‘middle-class miracle.’ And in just a short period, that promise will be fulfilled.”
  • “I’m deeply humbled, as your vice president, to be able to be here.”
  • “Because of your leadership, Mr. President, and because of the strong support of the leadership in the Congress of the United States, you’re delivering on that middle-class miracle.”
  • “And you got Congress to do what they couldn’t do for seven years, in repealing the individual mandate in Obamacare.”
  • “Mostly, Mr. President, I’ll end where I began and just tell you, I want to thank you, Mr. President. I want to thank you for speaking on behalf of and fighting every day for the forgotten men and women of America.”
  • “Because of your determination, because of your leadership, the forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more. And we are making America great again.”

If Mike Pence were a true Christian, he would have dropped out of the race for Vice President the first time right after the Access Hollywood tape came out with “Grab them by the pussy.”

Pence knew what Trump stood for before, during, and after four years. And yet he still refuses to criticize or condemn Trump.