More from Steve Gall on school recess

by David Safier

The latest from Steve Gall, the Recess Doctor:

Kudos to Zohreh Saunders, grandmother and reading tutor at Dunham Elementary School for 4 years, for speaking on behalf of a 30 minute/day recess program in the elementary schools at the TUSD Governing Board meeting.  We are trying to convince them to mandate this for all 70 plus elementary schools in the district. The Board was very supportive but some teachers still do not want to take the kids out for recess breaks for a variety of reasons.  We need more concerned parents to speak up at the next Board meeting, August 10.    Thanks.  Best, Steve

0 responses to “More from Steve Gall on school recess

  1. Francine Shacter

    Keep up the good work, Steve!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there to support you!!!! And even more sorry I don’t know a bunch of parents!!!!

    Your cause is righteous – I believe you will prevail!!!!