People who are familiar with World History probably cringed after hearing or reading the Nazi-like comments the KKK endorsed candidate has made over the last week with regards to the Kurds.

Since the poorly thought out decision to abandon the Kurds in Northern Syria, the Liar in Chief has claimed that the Kurds were “no angels” and “just as bad as I.S.I.S.”


How similar is that to Nazi propaganda (as well as other Anti-Semitic leaning groups) from the 1920s to the 1940s who perpetuated and augmented racist caricatures of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and other groups.

The 2016 Popular Vote Loser also said that the Kurds are “happy” with the ceasefire (or whatever the Turks are calling it) and their having to leave areas they have lived on for centuries.

Never mind that The Liar in Chief probably has not personally asked any Kurds if they were happy with the new reality (those potatoes being thrown at exiting American military personnel in armored vehicles in Northern Syria convey different feelings than Mr. Trump absurdly conveyed,” people should be reminded how much the Nazi’s said how happy the Jews (and others) were to be thrown out of their native countries into ghetto’s and concentration camps.

Finally, when the President of the United States, the person who is supposed to personify leadership of the free world, professes understanding of the Turk’s need to have the area the Kurds live on “cleaned out” and later states that the Kurds and Turks welcome this “ultimate solution” to the situation on the Northern Syrian Border, he sounds like a devout student of the Adolph Hitler School for Racist Demagoguery espousing the justifications for ethnic cleansing and final solutions.

This lack of humanity and endless lying with Nazi-Racist rationales to justify the actions of Authoritarian despots is another reason the American People, if impeachment does not succeed, should turn out in droves to vote this person out on November 3, 2020.

There are only 378 days to go.

Featured Image from The Telegraph