More on FBI investigation of Flake robocalls


by David Safier

As Az Blue Meanie posted below, the FBI is planning to investigate Flake's robocalls that told Dems to go to the wrong polling place.

In a press release, Flake claimed it was nothing, just a few Dems who got the calls that were supposed to go to 120,000 Rs.

[S]ome Democrats might have received the call because of outdated voter information or because adult children who belong to a different party live at the same address.

Except that Greg Jones, a Dem living in Scottsdale, got the call with an incorrect polling place, and . . .

he, his wife and their two college-aged children are all registered Democrats and they’ve lived at the same location for almost 20 years.

Unfortunately, the investigation will be too little, too late to expose Flake's slimeball tactics before the election. It's about time that the preponderance of evidence about Republican voter suppression tactics comes back to haunt them. They have no respect for the voting process, one of the most important aspects of our democracy, which means they don't want to abide by the will of the voting public on election day.


  1. I guess they thought they could get away with it. They feel that the Democrats are a bunch of idiots.

    That wasn’t even a nice try!

  2. If this robocall was aimed at Republicans then exactly who were they trying to mislead? These guys can’t even get their lame excuses to make sense!

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