(UPDATED)More Proof (Like That is Needed) That Convicted, Traitor, and Sexual Assaulter Trump is Unfit: Watch the Latest Lincoln Project Ad Called “Rambling”

From USA Today

While several news stations and pundits are concentrating on hounding President Joe Biden out of the Presidential Campaign by telling their audience that “he is a great President and leader” but get the hell out, the Lincoln Project reminds the country of the real threat to the country and the actual candidate that is unhinged and out of touch with reality.

In their new ad called “Rambling,” viewers see again how necessary it is to defeat the 34 time convicted, twice impeached, traitor, and sexual assaulter Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump.

The ad starts off with Donald Trump saying how terrible “Trump is, Rampling about Hannibal Lecter.”

The ‘stable genius’ then rambles throughout the ad, saying nonsensical and false fecal matter about insane asylums releasing migrants to come, along with terrorists, gang members, and child predators (apparently he knows all about that with his friend Mr. Epstein) invade the United States.

Again, who is the mentally challenged candidate in this race?

Want to see more. Watch this comparison of the two men speaking at the same time yesterday. President Biden at the N.A.T.O. conference opening. Donald Trump at a Florida Rally.

Biden was magnificent.

Trump was unhinged.

Please note, Trump could not speak rationally or convey lucid thoughts even with a teleprompter.

Oh God.

He needs to withdraw.

Also, just remember what is at stake in this election: the only candidate who is unfit to occupy the White House again is Donald Trump, the man who, despite his lying disavowals, will implement Project 2025 if elected.

Donald Trump is the candidate with 34 convictions to his name.

Donald Trump is the traitor who instigated the January 6, 2021, Domestic Terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Donald Trump is the first President in History to be impeached twice.

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual assault.

Donald Trump has been found liable for business fraud.

Donald Trump is the first Presidential Candidate to lose the popular vote twice.

Donald Trump has received the endorsement of former KKK head David Duke twice.

Donald Trump set a record for lying while occupying the White House. This trend, which started while he was a candidate, continues to this day.

Donald Trump, because of his botched conduct and management of the Coronavirus, tanked the United States Economy.

Donald Trump is the President who appointed three Supreme Court Justices who took away women’s reproductive freedom and has made all Presidents virtual kings.

Donald Trump brags about being the person who killed Roe v Wade.

Donald Trump is the first President in Modern Times where his own Vice President will not support his re-election.

Donald Trump has been rated among the worst Presidents by our nation’s leading historians. He is ranked worse than Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson (the first President to be impeached), and James Buchanan, the President who allowed the Civil War to start.

He should withdraw from the Presidential race.

Is this the person that is fit to lead the country?

Do you want this person in charge of the Justice Department apparatus now that the Supreme Court has granted him immunity for official acts? Is this person a role model for your children?

We are in dark and dangerous times if the American People do not wake up and stop this nightmare from seeing daylight.

President Joe Biden

His policies and leadership helped deliver the country from the ravages of the Coronavirus.

His agenda, including the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, Gun Violence Prevention, and the PACT Act to help sick veterans, has elevated the American Economy, steered the nation toward a clean energy economy and created consistent job growth to the tune of just under 16 million jobs (another 206,000 jobs were created in June).

He has championed and fought for basic rights like suffrage and reproductive freedom.

He has set records for the appointment of minority and women judges to the bench.

Unlike his predecessor, he is not looking to be a King uninhibited by the law.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden is near the top of the historical presidential rankings at number 14.

What part of this is hard for any of the American People to understand?

Get out and vote this November 5. The American Ideal and Democracy are at stake.

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