The Federal Election Commission (F.E.C.,) the agency charged with overseeing campaign finance laws and regulations, monitoring campaigns for illegal activities, and watching for international interference in American elections has been neutered after a several year assault by Republicans led by Obstructionist in Chief -Political Prince of Darkness-Moscow Mitch McConnell.

The Obstructionist Senate Majority Leader has been ably assisted in this matter by both the partisan obstruction by the Republican Commissioners on the F.E.C. who have stymied efforts at meaningful enforcement of the campaign finance laws and attempted reforms and  the 2016 Popular Vote Loser who has taken his time nominating candidates to sit on the six person commission.

With the resignation of FEC Vice Chairperson Matthew Petersen, there are only three active members sitting on the commission.

The Obstructionist in Chief has held the nomination of one candidate to sit on the Commission and the KKK endorsed candidate-Liar in Chief has taken his time in nominating key personnel like a commission inspector general or chief counsel.

What does it mean now that there are only three sitting commissioners serving at the F.E.C.?

It means nothing will get done including:

  • Conducting Commission meetings because there is no quorum of four.
  • Enforcing campaign finance laws and regulations.
  • Making new rules or regulations that will adapt to new circumstances.
  • Investigate or audit campaigns for possible violations.
  • Penalizing campaigns or individuals in campaigns for violating campaign finance laws and regulations.

The Republicans have in essence created a Hobbesian State of Nature in the countries campaign finance structure where all campaigns can possibly run amuck and be potentially conducted by unscrupulous political operatives who will raise any amount of money from any source (foreign or domestic) or employ any option to secure victory.

This is the ultimate fulfillment of the Political Prince of Darkness McConnell’s desires to create a free for all United States campaign system since he led the effort to repeal John McCain and Russ Feingold’s Campaign Finance Law by suing all the way to the United States Supreme Court which resulted in the Citizens United ruling in 2010.

Remember it is also Moscow Mitch that is holding up the House passed Election Security Bills in the Senate.

The People can not allow the Republicans to win this war on American Democracy.

The People can not allow the minority Republicans, who represent the minority of the American People, to neuter the countries Campaign Finance System.

The People can not allow Mitch McConnell to continue to have a position of authority and power.

The People have to rise and elect people who will preserve our Republic and restore integrity to the nations campaign finance system.

The People in Kentucky have to vote Mitch McConnell out of office and the people in the rest of the country have to vote in a Democratic Senate in the next elections.

November 2020 is only a little over 14 months away.

Do not forget to be part of the solution.