Mr Parraz goes to Washington (video)


Randy-p-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

This past Saturday, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) sponsored the People's Inauguration in Washington, DC. 

Citizens for a Better Arizona leader Randy Parraz was one of the speakers. Thanks to Loneprotestor, you can see a video of his speech after the jump.

From Loneprotestor…

On inaugural weekend in Washington, D.C., Progressives from John Conyers to Jim McGovern gathered at the UDC Law School to celebrate and strategize. Among them was Randy Parraz of Arizona, the fiery organizer who orchestrated the recall of state senator Russell Pearce, who introduced ALEC's notorious SB 1070 "papers, please" law. Randy and Citizens for a Better Arizona now have their sights set on sheriff Joe Arpaio — and Randy rocked the room.



  1. Arizona is very fortunate to have Randy Parraz. Loved his comments. He knows what it takes.

    I hope Randy and his wife, Lilia Alvarez, will run for office again very soon. We need more leaders with their passion and commitment.