New Ad from American Bridge condemning some Arizona Republican State Legislators for not taking COVID 19 Seriously

Photo from You Tube

The Political Action Committee American Bridge has released a stinging digital ad blaming the surge in the Coronavirus in the Grand Canyon State on the science denial and inactions of Arizona Republican State Legislators like Legislative District (LD) Six State Senator Sylvia Allen and LD 20 State Representative Shawnna Bolick.  

The video quotes Allen as saying COVID 19 is nothing more than the flu and children and their families should not be afraid of going back to school.

This is the Chairperson of the Senate Education Committee.

She also thinks the world is about 6000 years old. 

God help us.

The ad also quotes Bolick saying she demanded that Governor Ducey reopen the state in May.

Good thinking. Nope.

The ad also showed pictures of tweets from the other LD 20 representative Anthony Kearn, Allen, and LD 23’s Jay Lawrence attending campaign and social events like the Trump rally without wearing masks and engaging in social distancing.

The ad concludes showing the spike in Coronavirus cases in a graph with the heading Republicans have put their own Campaigns ahead of Arizonans. 

This ad shows further reasons why the current incarnation of the Republican Party, consumed by the propaganda of the Trump Zone and Fox Island, can not be trusted with governing Arizona.

Like having more daily cases than the whole European Union is not enough.

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  1. Allen is quoted in the Capital Times as saying that only if you are actually ill can you pass it on otherwise you are good to go. Apparently she is ignoring more science that even if you are asymptomatic you can spread and are the best spreader because you are going out! We have to fight like hell to defeat these people in November.

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