New Arizona Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein Delivers Her First State of the Session Update

Continuing the practice started by her predecessor, State Senator Raquel Teran, new Arizona Democratic Senate Leader Mitzi Epstein (from Legislative District 12) delivered her first biweekly State of the Session update to Grand Canyon State residents today (March 15, 2023) via social media.

The New Senate Democratic Team at the Arizona State Capitol: From Left to Right: Senators Juan Mendez, Lea Alston, Mitzi Epstein, and Eva Burch. Photo from Eva Burch’s Facebook Page.

In her remarks, Senator Epstein first saluted her Senate leadership team including Assistant Leader (and father-to-be again) Juan Mendez, Caucus Chair Lea Alston, and Whip Eva Burch.

She next pledged that the Democratic caucus would promote what is “important to you”-the people, including “great schools, a healthy environment, and fairness” saying “they’re top of mind for us because they’re top of mind for you.”

Senator Epstein then pivoted to how the Republicans have wasted most of the time in this legislative session “on bills that do nothing to make your life better…having set their sights on finding solutions for problems we just don’t have.”

These Republican policy missteps include measures that would:

  • “harms the LGBTQ Community.”
  • “undercut efforts to curb climate change.”
  • “ignore our desperate need for water conservation.”

The Senator reminded viewers that “Democrats are not interested in focusing on hate and fear” by “attacking school board leaders, kicking up culture wars, or swirling conspiracy theories about our election integrity.”

She then asserted that Democrats “are grounded in reality and working to move our state forward.”

The Democratic Senate Leader also chastised Republicans for only allowing 26 out of 249 Democratic originating bills (a little more than ten percent) to get a committee hearing because they looked for a D or R by the bill sponsor’s name and not whether the measure contained “good ideas.”

At the end of her comments, Senator Epstein vowed to continue working for the solutions the people want in the three important areas of “housing, water, and schools” in the remaining three weeks of committee hearings.

She concluded her remarks by calling the people to action, asking them to continue to “show up” and “make your voice heard” either by emailing legislators, calling their offices at the Arizona State Senate, or requesting to speak at committee hearings because “when you speak up, we listen.”