Sun Tran Introduces New Fares and SunGO Savings Programs for 2017



“Effective January 1, 2017, Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle will implement a new fare structure and several new programs to allow riders to pay lower fares when using a SunGO Card.

  • Cash fares will be $1.75 for full-fare riders, $.75 for economy fare-riders and $2.25 for express buses.
  • Riders who pay their fare using value on a SunGO Card will now pay a discounted fare – $1.50 for full-fare riders and $.60 for economy-fare riders.
  • Each fare entitles the passenger to two hours of unlimited rides on all regular Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle routes.  Riders must have a SunGO card in order to load the two-hour transfer ticket.
  • Riders who load a Day Pass on their SunGO Card will also receive a discount – paying only $3.75 for unlimited rides during a 24-hour period.


New Fares on Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle

Effective January 1, 2017

Full Fare Economy Fare* Express Route Fare
One-way Cash Fare $1.75 $.75 $2.25
Fare Paid with SunGO Card $1.50 $.60 $2.25
1-Day Ticket – Sun Link Stops $4.00
1-Day Pass on SunGO Card $3.75
30-Day Pass on SunGO Card $45.00 $18.00 $60.00
* Economy Fare requires SunGO ID & Card

In addition, two promotional programs will allow riders to save even more when they use a SunGO Card.

  • $25 for $20: SunGO Card users who load $20 in value on their registered SunGO card, use it within 45 days and notify Sun Tran will receive a $5 value added to their SunGO card.
  • Free SunGO Card with Registration: Riders who register a SunGO card will receive a registration bonus – $2 added to their card.

According to Sun Tran General Manager Kate Riley, the fare change is part of a broader set of changes in 2017 which includes expansion of the frequent transit network (routes on which buses run at least every 15 minutes) and improvements at bus stops.  “Our goal is to make transit easier to use, more comfortable and affordable for everyone.”

Fares on the Sun Van ADA paratransit service will be as follows.

New Fares on Sun Van

Effective January 1, 2017

Full Fare Low Income Fare
ADA Service $3.00 $1.50
Optional Service $5.00 $3.50

Full-fare riders on Sun Van ADA service will continue to pay $3 per one-way trip; low-income riders will pay $1.50.  Riders who use Sun Van’s optional ADA service will now pay a higher fare of $5 for full-fare riders and $3 for low income riders.

Optional ADA service includes:

  • Trips beyond the ¾-mile limit or beyond the hours of operation for nearby fixed route service for Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle Route 450
  • Same day requests
  • Will Call scheduling

For more information, details on the transit system changes, and our sales outlet locations  or call Sun Tran’s Customer Service Center at 792-9222 (TDD: 628-1565).”

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