Nintzel has a proposition for Atomic Al

by David Safier

Atomic_al Jim Nintzel picked up on Atomic Al's Nukes for Schools bill that made it through his Commerce and Energy Committee — the one that says money the feds pay Arizona for the nuclear waste dump Al hopes and prays will come to Arizona must be used for education.

Today Nintzel asks the question, should we put the nuclear waste dump in Al's backyard?

How About We Put That Nuclear Plant in Your District, Sen. Melvin?

Sen. Al Melvin isn't talking to us, but he told the Arizona Guardian that he hasn't yet figured out where he'd put his proposed nuclear recycling plant that allow the Arizona Legislature to spend fewer general-fund dollars on schools.

Melvin tells reporter Dennis Welch that he's in talks with several out-of-state companies who would like to dispose of their nuclear waste in Arizona. Jobs are No. 1, indeed.

We've got a suggestion for Atomic Al: Why not use Oracle State Park right in your district? The park closed on your watch. Perhaps a few dollars could be diverted from the education fund and used to reopen the park to people who enjoy the outdoors!

I don't know how Melvin feels about having a steaming pile of nuclear waste dropped on his doorstep, but he's already said he would be fine with a nuclear power plant in his district. So for Al, NIMBY may not apply.

LET US PRAY FOR NUKES: For anyone who missed it, Atomic Al also wrote a "concurrent memorial" — SCM1007 — that literally says the Arizona Senate and House pray that the feds will allow exploration for uranium in and around the Grand Canyon.

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