NNU: Where There is Struggle, Nurses Will be There (video)


Power339-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

National Nurses United (NNU) is one of the most creative and most activist unions in the US.

Long before anyone was talking about the financial transaction tax (AKA the Robin Hood Tax), NNU and its members were in the halls of Congress– pushing for this innovative revenue-generating tax on Wall Street– and in the streets bringing attention to it.  

When Wisconsin rose up against anti-union "austerity" measures proposed by Governor Scott Walker, the nurses were there.

When the Occupy Movement needed support, the nurses were there in solidarity.

After the jump, watch a short Loneprotestor video featuring Karen Higgins, head of NNU.

From Loneprotestor

From Haiti to Wisconsin to Occupy Wall Street movements across the country, Karen Higgins of National Nurses United explains why nurses are involved in struggles for social justice. Filmed at PDA's panel on a Progressive Democrat-Labor Alliance on inaugural weekend in Washington, D.C.