No change. G.I. still AWOL on SB 1070

by David Safier

The Goldwater Institute still thinks the anti-immigrant bill, which has made Arizona the biggest story in the country, isn't worthy of comment. Or, more accurately, G.I. is still afraid of messing with that big ol' 800 pound gorilla. It's safer hiding behind the sofa.

Commenter Todd had an interesting insight on G.I.'s silence.

This is all part of the one-two punch with the Center for Arizona Policy. CAP takes the social issues and throws red meat to the nativists and religious conservatives and the GI works the libertarian/no-tax crowd. By keeping the two separate they avoid alienating any in the base.

That makes sense. Social and economic conservatives are often two different groups needing different types of care and feeding. Better to have different organizations serve the two. That's how it works on the national level, where organizations like Focus on the Family and Americans for Tax Reform serve up different conservative dishes for the two camps.

Strategically, pragmatically, that makes sense. And as we know, them Republican strategists ain't no fools.

But G.I. pretends to be a principled organization, not a wing of the Republican Party. And with its libertarian, limited government philosophy, G.I. should be outraged by the "Show me your papers!" aspects of SB 1070.

For the sake of the staff cowering behind that sofa, I hope they can find enough cookie crumbs and pieces of old candy bars to keep body and soul together, because that 800 pound gorilla promises to be in the middle of the living room for a long, long time.

Or, if they get hungry enough or brave enough, the staff can just come out of hiding and make a statement.

3 responses to “No change. G.I. still AWOL on SB 1070

  1. My mistake. Incorrectly placed post above. IN this location, I meant to inform readers that we also are informed of a legislative report card.

  2. I just hate to be a Floridiam amd seeing so much similarity between the foolishness of politics as per GI amd the FFFF in Florida. FFFF in Florida forfot to mention how their SB6 was vetoed by the
    Governor after a Facebook grassroots revolt campaign. We actually defeated a Jeb Bush promoted plan.
    I can’t speak to the GI but I can tell you FFFF is about education and it seems odd to me that such an incident is not reflected in their news; thus leaving me to opine the intention is to promote political agendas and not education.

  3. I wonder if the GI will give Pearce an A- again this year in their totally non-partisan legislative “report card.’