No headline required

by David Safier

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  2. Headline:


    I am a dog lover and have had over 30 dogs in my life that have both been given to me to care for by my Vet and gotten at the animal shelter.

    Obama’s the President that has “Expiration Dates” on his words said during the campaign; “I will be getting a SHELTER DOG for my kids.”

    The the water dog was a gift from the Dog Shelter at Hyannis Port with the caretakers name of Ted Kenedy?

    All dogs lives are precious BUT why LIE to the American Public about your DOG; WHAT ELESE IS THIS CREEP LYING ABOUT??!!

    What a great story it would have been if The President would have gotten a water dog from a shelter and inspired ALL Americans to do the same; but NO our Kenyan President is above us presants and orders his Pizza in the White House by flying in a Pizza Chef and during the day sits on a swing set bought for his kids; but I see no kids playing on the swingf set nor do I see the KIDS running with this dog on this picture ; David!

    So I say the picture does need a headline- and those who choose to continue to play cover up for the King that has no clothes is doing everyone a injustice!

    See all of you at the Tea Party tommorrow driving home that these JERKS from Giffords to Obama work for us; its our Country and ouyr money NOT THEIRS!

    If they choose to ignor us or to “SIK” Janet Napolitano on us as she stated anyone who does no support the Federal Government OVER the State and Local Governments are on her WATCH LIST as a Right Wing Hate Group ; speaking from her LEFT WING HATE GROUP; I think its time we got rid of them all folks; and beging to demonstrate in the streets that we want our Freedoms Back NOW!