Apparently, there is a law in Arizona that allows pharmacists the right to refuse to fill a prescription for medications that pharmacist feels goes against their moral code. When this occurs, according to store policy, that pharmacist is supposed to tell another pharmacist (one not so hindered) to fill the order.

Well, that did not happen in Peoria Arizona when a lady ordered a medication that would induce a miscarriage because the ten-week fetus had stopped developing. The Pharmacist who received the order refused to fill it citing the law. However, he also broke store rules by not referring the matter to another pharmacist.


This person should be fired for not following store policy and he and his store should be sued for the suffering it has caused this woman who made the only decision she could when faced with this tragic situation.

People who subscribe to the extreme forms of Right to Life view should use some common sense. There is no life if the fetus has stopped developing at ten weeks. Show some decency.

This pharmacist belongs in a different profession. Hobby Lobby is hiring. There should be openings in the supply department of that fine bastion of conservatism and family values after all those people with the illegal smuggling of priceless artifacts from Iraq were revealed.…/z-arizona-walgreens-…/727805002/…/sarah-huckabee-sande…/729391002/…/walgreens-peoria-pha…/729189002/…/pharmacy-board-inves…/732364002/