Now that the Senate has failed in its Constitutional Duty, it is up to You to Save the American Dream


When the United States Senate acquitted President Bill Clinton in his Senate Impeachment Trial in 1999, he came out of the Oval Office and humbly told the world he was sorry for what his actions had caused and pledged to reconciliation and work hard on the agenda of the American People.

How did Individual One react to the news of the United States Senate acquiting him?

Was he humble? Did he ask forgiveness? Did he pledge to bring people together to work for the common interests of the American People?

Who are we kidding?

He sent (what else) a tweet with a video attachment saying he would run for office again after a potential second term was over.

What about Enemy of the People-Obstructionist in Chief-Political Prince of Darkness-Moscow Mitch McConnell?

When asked by Manu Raju of CNN if it was right for the 2016 Popular Vote Loser to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, McConnell, the man who made sure this impeachment trial would be the first one in history that did not have witnesses,  totally avoided the question, saying he wanted to only focus on the political impact of the trial.

The Duce in the White House and the Dictator of the Senate are laughing and mocking the majority of the country that do not support how the majority of the Republicans engaged in a coverup during the trial.

Then there are the blackshirts (including Donald Trump Jr.)  harassing Mitt Romney for voting his conscience to convict Individual One on the Abuse of Power article.

Are these individuals that are models of the American Idea?

Now that the Senate Republicans have failed to follow the Consitution and the majority of them have sanctioned a coverup of the President’s offenses, it is now up to you, the people, to do the job people that Senator  Martha  Coverup McSally, Representative Debbie Coverup Lesko, Representative Andy Coverup Biggs, Representative Paul Coverup Gosar and Representative David Coverup Schweikert did not.

People that want a Constitutional Democratic Republic need to stay enthusiastic and engaged in the process.

Democrats, independents, and the Republicans who have escaped the Trump Zone Cult and Fox Island need to band together to save the country.

There is an election on November 3, 2020.

The American Dream and the Republic are on the ballot.

Voters will need to decide whether the Representatives, Senators, and local legislators that supported the coverup of Mr. Trump’s misdeeds can be entrusted with the American Political System.

The answer should be fairly obvious.

It is time to retire them and Donald Trump from office in 272 days.

VOTE THEM OUT and Save the American Dream.





  1. I still hate Mitt Romney for all the damage Bain Capital has done, but at least the guy tries to live up to his religious “beliefs”.

    Unlike all the fake Christian Conservatives.

    We need to stop saying Resist and start saying Win.

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