Now, this I like

by David Safier

Tea party how embarrassing_9fd30 This may be the strongest and smartest strategy the Democrats have employed this election season: going straight at the Tea Party.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine today will announce a new party initiative aimed at defining the Republicans who want to win control of Congress as tea partiers who want to repeal everything and abolish federal agencies.


Given the new Tea Party Caucus — and with House leaders Rep. Pete Sessions and Rep. Mike Pence on the membership roster — the Democrats will claim that "the Tea Party is now an institutionalized part of the Republican party. They are one and the same."

Let the Republicans try and deny it. What fun that would be.

"We're not the Tea Party. Um, that is, we, um, support, uh, a lot of what they, uh, stand for, and they're Great Americans, but, um, ahem, the Tea Party is an independent group, and the Republican Party is not, uh, directly affiliated . . . Though we stand shoulder to shoulder . . ."

The DNC has even put up a web page, Republican Tea Party Contract on America with the 10 items in the contract:

Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Health insurance Reform)

Privatize Social Security or phase it out altogether

End Medicare as it presently exists

Extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil

Repeal Wall Street Reform

Protect those responsible for the oil spill and future environmental catastrophes

Abolish the Department of education

Abolish the Department of energy

Abolish the environmental protection agency

Repeal the 17th Amendment which provides for the direct election of senators

Here's the video.

Good stuff, DNC. Don't back down! Let the Republicans either agree the Tea Party platform is the party's platform or deny it's true.

And candidates, get on the bandwagon.

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  1. Yes, Thane, it is. I would never support a repeal of the 17th Amendment. Take away our right to vote and give it to our state legislators instead? I will not forget why the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted, and I will always remember the first three words of our U.S. Constitution: “We the People…”

    I believe in the Constitution. I don’t want to lose my right to vote, and I especially don’t want it given away to a bunch of incompetent state legislators who can’t even balance the budget. Exactly the wrong thing to do.

    The Progressive agenda was great a hundred years ago (President Teddy Roosevelt said it was time the American people got a “Square Deal”), and it’s still great: give power to the people rather than to the corporations, progressive taxation system, support workers with a living wage, universal health care system, organized labor, campaign finance reform to even the playing field by removing the corrosive influence of Big Money, and direct election of senators by the people rather than a few elite.

    Political reality: if state legislators could pick our Senator right now, the yahoos would burden us with Hayworth. The people deserve the right to choose for themselves.