NRA Fail


by David Safier

The NRA portrays itself as an 800 pound gorilla with an uzi in each hand. Woe be to the politician who dares to cross the gun lobby.

Except that the NRA didn't do so well this election, even though it spent a considerable amount of money and kept its membership constantly informed on which candidates were the gun-totin' good guys and which were the bad guys who want to pry our guns from our cold, dead hands. So maybe lots of the NRA might is hype and bluster.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns thinks so. It commissioned a recent poll on people's attitudes toward guns and gun laws. The results in Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina: voters trust Obama more than Romney to "do a better job handling laws covering the sale of guns."


According to Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

"Members of Congress will tell you privately that they agree we need stronger gun laws, but they run scared from the perceived power of the gun lobby. There is a growing pile of evidence the NRA has built a mythology around their ability to swing elections that has little basis in fact."


  1. Showing, once again, that you’re an honest man, Thane. I read the same article. It will be interesting to see if the balance in the gun regulation fight changes a bit over the next few years — if people see the NRA as less invincible than they thought.

    If you haven’t seen it already, check out my post about Bob Costas’ comments during Saturday Night Football. Whether you agree with Costas or not, it was a damn brave move on his part to make a statement like that on national TV in a venue filled with NRA supporters. I’ll be interested to see the blowback.

  2. “So maybe lots of the NRA might is hype and bluster.” The NRA has no power that isn’t a direct result of average Americans supporting the right of other average Americans to defend themselves using firearms and to shoot the occasional deer.

    As far as that poll goes I find its results to be pretty unimpressive. It would appear that greater than 13% of those polled didn’t trust EITHER Romney or Obama to do a “better job handing laws covering the sale of guns”.

    I took a look at the campaign web sites of Carmona, Kirkpatrick, Pastor, Sinema, Grijalva and Barber. None of them mentioned (on their issue page) anything about increasing gun law regulation. Two (Kirkpatrick and Barber) mentioned the 2nd Amendment with emphasis. I presume that the Republicans being sent to Washington, DC probably have equal or greater support (plus or minus 12.5%) of the RTKBA based on my observations during election season. Of course all authentic Libertarian Party candidates in 2012 supported the right of Americans to purchase and carry firearms so long as that right did not infringe on the rights of others.

    “GARY JOHNSON Will Protect Our Gun Rights” 76 seconds

    Bob Lord (in his 2008 campaign for US House CD-3) supported the right of law abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. I’ll presume he hasn’t changed his position in the last 4 years.

    “I strongly support the right of law-abiding Americans to bear arms. The right to bear arms is an essential shield against tyranny and critical to our ability to defend our property and our families.”

    Government gun control is an unpopular and loosing issue (especially in Arizona). It it weren’t I imagine the gun control movement would have tens of vocal advocates here in Arizona and more than 4 on the United States Supreme Court. It may have a couple of thousand of supporters at best (in AZ) but it is definitely in the minority.

    In Arizona it is possible for ANY American citizen to run for federal office with NO OUT OF POCKET FEE and very minimal paperwork. I challenge you to find 36 candidates (one for every US House seat times one for every recognized political party) willing run in the 2014 election season who will publicly advocate for greater federal gun control regulation. I imagine that the gun control lobby would be gladly setup websites, handle media relations and offer fund raising assistance.

    The issue isn’t the NRA. It is only a single lobby group. If it dissolved today its functions would be adopted tomorrow by other groups. Protecting yourself, your life and your liberty is a serious responsibility, one that many Americans do not choose to abdicate to government employees.

    When seconds count, police (at best) are only two minutes away.