Obama hearts John Stewart?

by David Safier

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he and President Obama spoke yesterday about the fact that CNBC's Jim Cramer was set to appear on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart last night.

Gibbs didn't know if Obama watched, but Gibbs "enjoyed it thoroughly."

You can watch the episode on the post below by AzBlueMeanie. It's a slaughter.

2 responses to “Obama hearts John Stewart?

  1. I watched this segment with Jim Cramer and while it gained Mr. Cramer points (he now scores a 15 out of 100 instead of my previous evaluation of 5) It really doesn’t fix much. I would say that rather few people claim to know what caused the deflation of the credit bubble and until voters and candidates understand what happend, nobody can take rational steps to prevent its reoccurrence in the future.

    I just bought Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods and I hope that other books will come out that will help everyone understand what happened.


    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

  2. No mr. Meanie if yo have’nt noticed its your and my 401k and investments and pension funds that have been slaughtered !!

    Since Obama was elected in Novenmber the Stock Market has dropped 50% of its value or about 5 trillion Dollars!!

    No you tell me who’s fault that is Obama or Cramer?

    Lets leave Bush out of this liberal excuse for failure as I recall hearing “THE WAR IS LOST” by another Liberal Jerk!