Obama says he wants to be dictator!!!!!!!!!!


by David Safier
Oh, wait, sorry, that was George Bush.

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

Remember that? How loud would the screaming be if Obama said that? The cries would be for his immediate removal. Forget about impeachment, that's too slow. Think of the damage he'll do in the meantime!

And then, what if they dug back and found Obama made a statement like this, which Bush said when he was governor.

"You don't get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier."

See, Obama's got a history of this stuff! We need the National Guard to pull him out of the Oval Office, Quick!, before he has a chance to put all the Republicans into concentration camps!!!

With two separate statements to play in tandem, the news cycle would extend for days, weeks. So much oxygen would be sucked out of the air, every American would be gasping for breath.

True, some of us got lathered when Bush made his "dictator" statement, and we continued to refer back to it as his presidency continued. But we didn't have a scream machine in place to make it headline news. We even had trouble getting serious press for massive demonstrations against starting a war in Iraq.

But now, the fact that Obama has a study question in a packet suggesting students think about what they can do to help the President is a major controversy and a major news story, brought to you by the right wing scream machine. If I had written the material in the packet, I would have left that line out. It was a bad choice at a moment like this, when anything that can be construed as political will be taken that way. Lots of presidents could have done something similar, and it would have gotten some complaints but little notice — FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, probably JFK, certainly Reagan — so the problem isn't the suggestion that students should think of ways to support the President of the United States. It's that there is such a huge rend in the political fabric right now, a statement like that is certain to rile up lots of people. Better to leave it out.

But it's not a very big deal, really. A president addresses what many people consider a national emergency, the quality of students' educations. He talks directly to students and tells them to take ownership for their own learning, take personal responsibility, something both liberals and conservatives agree is a good thing. Then a follow-up packet asks them to think beyond themselves and consider ways they can make this a better country. It uses the phrase, "help the President," a self serving phrase sounding like it was created by a political operative, not an educator, but the concept, thinking about how to make the country a better place, is downright patriotic.

But the people who are ginning up the outrage find that one phrase, see an opening, and they jump on it, turning it into a huge national controversy. Their minions scream, call the schools in droves, create a news event which the papers and cable channels are happy to cover. And the drum beat goes on.

How many times a week did Bush's handlers take some ridiculous, often frightening statement he made and tell us, "what the President meant was . . ." Bush slipped up daily, especially in the first year of his presidency. And Rove's propaganda machine was in constant spin. One question in an educational packet would have been so minor, honestly, no one would have noticed it, or would have been taken seriously if they tried to bring it up. But if anyone like a Democratic leader had the temerity to criticize it, the immediate right wing response would have been, "How dare you say children shouldn't respect the President!" Within the week, the Democrat would have been made to get on his knees and apologize.


  1. within a couple days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, my classmates and I were herded into a small schoolyard where President Roosevelt’s speech to the Nation could be heard by all of us. I guess that’s what indoctrinated me into becoming a lifelong Democrat, huh???

    People need to get a life and recognize that the interest of the President of the United States in addressing school children is a good thing. As the single largest roll model for young men, a Black man raised by a single mom who attained the Presidency of the United States with an outstanding majority is a very good thing!

  2. The only reason I’m leaving this vile thing up is my amusement that you’re blaming Bush and Rove for working to get Obama elected. Some things are just too precious to remove. But you’re amping up the crazy again, and some of your comments are pushing right against the line of what I think is even marginally acceptable. I’ve told you before, if you cross that line, I’ll simply remove every comment you make from that point forward.

  3. David:

    Some inside information about the Bush Administration might help you understand how we as a Nation got into this mess;

    President Bush and Karl Rove worked to get Nobama180 elected because of his ties to Goldman Sachs and Paulson the ex chair of Goldmann along with Geithner. BOTH lied to Congress about the need for the Trillion dollar bail out designed for Mortgage relief but given to Goldman and its Wall Street buddies instead!

    Today the Mortgage crisis is worse and unemployement is worse BECAUSE the Trillion Dollar Bail out did NOT go where Congress wanted it to go; TO YOU AND ME NOT WALL STREET!

    BUSH said;” Iam not supporting FREE MARKET PRINCIPALS ” and it continued into The Nobama180 Administration Nationalizing Banks;Auto Companies; Insurance Companies and now 20% of the National GDP our Healthcare System!

    NOBAMA180 is just what it says ; take what NOBAMA180 says and turn it 180 degress around as it all is a LIE;DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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