Official candidate list for Arizona’s March 19 Presidential Preference Election (PPE)

Arizona’s Secretary of State Adrian Fontes announced on Dec. 11, 2023 the 19 candidates (9 Republicans and 7 Democrats) whose names will appear on the March 19, PPE – Presidential Preference Election to choose Arizona’s preferred candidates for the US Presidency.

Here’s a copy of Fontes’ press release:

Arizona’s 2024 Presidential Preference Election Official Candidate List 

As of Monday’s 5 p.m. candidate filing deadline for Arizona’s 2024 Presidential Preference Election (PPE), a total of 16 candidates have qualified for the ballot: seven Democratic Party candidates and nine Republican Party candidates.  

A full list of all the qualifying candidates is available at 

The PPE is a unique election that will be held on March 19, 2024, and will provide voters who are members of the participating political parties to choose their preferred presidential candidate. The Democratic and Republican parties are the only political parties holding a PPE.  Voters registered as a Democrat or a Republican by February 20, 2024 are eligible to participate. Voter registration status can be verified at “

Candidates will (randomly) appear on ballots in the following order (from 12/18/23 press release from Fontes): 
For the Democratic Party: 1) Lozada, Frankie  2) Cornejo, Gabriel  3) Williamson, Marianne  4) Palmer, Jason  5) Lyons, Stephen  6) Biden, Jr., Joseph R.  7) Phillips, Dean 
For the Republican Party: 1) Christie, Chris  2) Ramaswamy, Vivek  3) Castro, John Anthony  4) Stuckenberg, David  5) Hutchinson, Asa  6) Haley, Nikki  7) Trump, Donald J.  8) Binkley, Ryan L.  9) DeSantis, Ron 

So you Arizona Dems and Republicans out there, mark your calendars to vote. And for you Independents, you must register for either party to be able to vote on March 19. Note the Feb. 20, 2024 deadline.

As of yesterday, Republican Chris Christie has suspended his bid, but I’m sure others will follow from both parties before March 19.

Any predictions, dear readers, as to who will win the Arizona Dem PPE or the Republican PPE? Front runners at this posting are 46th US President Joe Biden (D), and the former 45th US President Donald Trump (R). To date, states of Colorado and Maine have not allowed Donald Trump to be listed as a candidate on their primary ballots. But these decisions are being appealed by Trump’s campaign.

Vote wisely on or before March 19, 2024.

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