OK, Pearce really will say anything

by David Safier

Conservative demagogues have a knack for saying things that sound just right the moment they say them. Sarah Palin is one of the more talented of the current breed, but just one of many. It doesn't matter if what they say makes any sense, so long as it sounds good when it comes out of their mouths.

Consider Russell Pearce lately, who must be in hog heaven over all the attention he's getting.

Craig at Random Musings posted about the national attention our anti-immigrant legislation is getting. In case he doesn't cross post here, I have to pull out one quote he has from Russell Pearce about people protesting against the bill.

Pearce called Tuesday's protesters "anarchists." He said he has not heard of any planned rallies in favor of the bill but said that is because supporters trust their state leaders.

"They are working jobs and raising families and expect us to do the right thing," he said.

Yes, Tuesday's protesters are anarchists without jobs who don't trust their state leaders. And of course, they should trust their state leaders like good, law abiding, hard working Arizonans.

But Tea Party protesters must be . . . good, hard working people . . . who make time in their busy days to . . . stand up for our freedoms . . . because they trust their state leaders in good old freedom loving Arizona, but think . . . our national leaders are communists.

Or something.

If Pearce doesn't agree with the protesters, they're anarchists who are trying to bring down the government. If he agrees with them, they're armies of freedom who are fighting to bring down the tyrannical government in Washington.

Or something.

One response to “OK, Pearce really will say anything

  1. Someday soon open(er) immigration supporters will point out that if the Feds legalize immigration then Pearce and Arpaio won’t have a tool to use against the rest of us and our favorite gardener, tamale vendor or car mechanic.