On recess in schools

by David Safier

From Steve Gall:

The TUSD Governing Board passed an elementary school recess mandate starting in the Fall, 2011 at their Special Meeting last night with an unanimous vote, 5-0.  It's for a minimum of 60 minutes /week and 3 days/week of structured physical activity.  We wanted more minutes/week but it's a  start and very sigificant because it's the only Arizona large school district to pass any type of  recess mandate so far.  We are still working with the Sunnyside School District and on the State level.

0 responses to “On recess in schools

  1. Hi AZterritory:
    You have to be kidding here! All the teachers have to do is take the kids out for a game and exercise. Our bill is not designed for the teachers to be PE experts. Many teachers take the students out almost every day anyway. I know because I work in 2 TUSD elementary schools. Many teachers need the exercise themselves and when they interact with the kids outside, it could be a good teaching moment! Best, Coach Steve

  2. Mandated recess is great–kids always trapped inside combined with instruction is not a good mix. BUT what concerns me is the word “structured”, as I understand this bill and the runup to it, that would mean planned PE-like instruction which would of course have to be supervised and planned. Will that be yet another unfunded mandate on the backs of teachers?