Tours at Manzo Elementary today showing off new chicken coop


by David Safier

481641_557902724227314_1393954845_nOne of the schools on the TUSD closure list is Manzo Elementary. Lots of people are taking up the cause of keeping this school open. I have to admit to my ignorance on the subject, so anyone who wants to educate readers (and me) with comments, please feel free.

Today (Saturday), the school is holding a tour of its new chicken coop, lead by 4th and 5th grade students. Friday at 5pm, the new glass greenhouse will be dedicated.

As of today our tempered glass greenhouse structure is complete! It still needs to be plumbed and wired before it can house our aquaponics system but we're pretty excited. Mark your calendars for next Friday, December 7th at 5pm for our dedication ceremony. Come celebrate with us!

The school is at 855 N. Melrose, between Speedway and St. Marys, a few blocks west of the freeway.