Is it time for Invest in Ed 2.0?

Arizona Public Schools did receive a boost in funding in the state budget passed last week by the Arizona Legislature (with only Republican votes) and signed by Governor Ducey. Does this boost in funding fully satisfy all public school needs for the 2019/20 school year? No, it does not. Apparently, Republicans felt a close to … Read more

Democrats react to the Republicans sacrificing fully funding Schools and other priorities on the Altar of Tax Cuts.

As Laurie Roberts of Az Central points out, good legislation did come out of the Arizona State Legislature with regards to measures on giving rights to child rape victims, texting while driving. ELL instruction, AIDs education programs, reforming health care facilities so no more Hacienda horror stories occur, and a much-needed drought plan with neighboring … Read more

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman unveils a plan to create a School Safety Task Force.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman displayed decisive leadership, while the reactionaries in the state legislature paused, by announcing the intent to create a school safety task force that would address the needs of children who are suffering from behavioral and emotional stress. To be fair, the members of the Arizona State Legislature have … Read more

Proclaiming It is time for a Teacher, Eric Kurland enters the race for a House Seat in LD 23, pledging to “Invest in our Kids.”

Over 150 people attended the May 5, 2019 kickoff of the Eric Kurland campaign for one of the State House Seats in Legislative District 23. Among the guests at the event, hosted by Kurland supporter Pinny Sheoran, were Maricopa County Democratic Chair Steven Slugocki, newly elected Legislative District 17 State Representative Jennifer Pawlik, 2018 State … Read more