Jeanne Casteen Will Be a Servant for All the People as the Next State Senator from Arizona LD Two

When the voters elect their representatives for local, state, or federal offices, some of the main questions should be will these candidates represent all the people and work to make their lives and community better.  Fortunately, for the residents of the new Arizona Legislative District (LD) Two, the choice is clear on which candidate will … Read more

As the Next State Senator in LD2, Jeanne Casteen will fight for the People’s Interests

When voters last heard from Jeanne Casteen, the educator and former Governing Board President of the Creighton Elementary School District, she was the 2020 Democratic Nominee for Maricopa County School Superintendent.  Although she did not prevail in a close race, Ms. Casteen has remained active in public circles, conducting interviews with local and state public … Read more

Jeanne Casteen would bring a Proactive and Bipartisan Leadership Approach as the next Maricopa County School Superintendent

Steve Watson is the current Maricopa County School Superintendent. He is running for reelection this year. If someone looks at the County School Superintendent website, there is a glaring omission on the home page and teacher resource pages. There is no guidance whatsoever on how educators or families should address COVID 19 in schools. As … Read more

Jeanne Casteen wants to be a Maricopa County School Superintendent for Everyone

When Blog subscribers first read about Jeanne Casteen in May 2019, she was starting her Primary Campaign to be the Democratic nominee for the Maricopa County School Superintendent post. Since then, her primary opponent, Jennifer Samuels, has withdrawn her candidacy allowing Democrats to flock to Ms. Casteen as she starts her 2020 general election campaign. … Read more

As Maricopa County School Superintendent, Jeanne Casteen wants all Children to have the same Educational Opportunities

Eleventh Year Teacher and Creighton School Board Member President Jeanne Casteen has announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to run to be the next Maricopa County School Superintendent. Running on a program of school funding increases and “equity” across Maricopa County, “educating the whole child” in their social and emotional, as well as academic … Read more