Pajama Party at The Estrogen Hour



“The time is NOW to secure your seat at The Estrogen Hour ‘Pajama Party’, Monday March 14 at Laff’s Comedy Caffe, Tucson. Doors open at 5 PM and show starts at 6 PM.  Laff’s is at 2900 E. Broadway Blvd. in midtown Tucson.

Use this link to get to Mary Steed’s fundraising page for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society/Team In Training:

Seats are $12 per person in advance — if seats are available on the night of the show, price will be $15 CASH only at the door. Buy today & don’t delay! You won’t want to miss host Darryl Shaw, headliner Nancy Stanley and some of Tucson’s favorite funny female comics!

** All seat sales and raffle ticket proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! **”

Photo courtesy of Martha Lochert and The Estrogen Hour.

Carolyn’s note:   I’ve seen these gals perform in the past and they are hilarious, lively, and enthusiastic.  My funny friends Suzie Agrillo and Linda Ray are also in this show.  Don’t miss out, buy your tickets today.  Guys welcome too.



  1. Lots of laughs tonight at Laff’s with MC Darryl Shaw (from Canada, birthplace of Ted Cruz), and lots of funny ladies. Darryl said Canada was building a welcome center not a wall (for us Americans). First up was 2nd timer Linda Ray who brought out a condom for the oldest person in the room, who joked about chivalry, criteria for five dating sites;then “Virgin” Blaise who dated a felon w/o a mattress; 2nd timer Catherine who said that the “2nd time maybe I’ll enjoy it too”, had just been in Germany for a wedding & had to relate to Germans why we have rodeos; Veteran Cindell Hanson named after Ewoks in Star Wars, who name is mistaken for single; “Virgen” Kim Bourn who came out w/ a Supermom outfit, red wig & a mask, talked about her kids talking back & playing in the rain; 6 year Veteran Suzie Sexton who said that CNN had reported that Trump’s mom had been bitten when she was pregnant by a Mexican mosquito, then danced/sang to “Girls Just Want to be Done”. Next up was male comedian Gary Hoodie who moaned that he was off cigarettes and alcohol for 6 months, saying that a vote for Hillary would be okay as we wouldn’t have to pay her as much as a man; then Veteran Mo Town (a woman) who spoke about fat issues and forming a Chub Scouts Club and being a bachelorette in a dating game; then Kathy Hendrix about her marriage and sex life, sex tapes, bad parenting; born again “Virgen” Susan Dayton who said she had been married 10 times to 9 men, wanted a marriage that would last and the trials of dating at age 75; then 5 timer Bethany Evans, who had just turned 28, smokes weed w/ her parents, suffers from anxiety (for free Zanax); “Virgen” Nicci Radhe who has a Latin lover/Mexican landscaper,is a 12 year student at PCC, trying to give up drinking alcohol; 3rd timer Stacy Scheff who made the raffle jewelry, who came on stage in a gray robe, joked about Feeling the Bern, that when Obama won it wasn’t the first time a Black woman was in the Presidential bed; 3rd timer Roxy Merrari trying to date men ½ her age, appearing in clothes she’d worn for 3 days; technically no “Virgen” Carol Avila who uses online dating, that 8 a.m. sex is not a “one night stand”, complains of being mistaken for a man due to her physique; then Veteran Bridgitte Thum who wears no watch to be able to call her Mom for the time of day, turning 40 this year and now too old to do certain things (like shoplift), on “waiting list” for depression treatment. Hostess Nancy Stanley announced that $2100 raised tonight to fight cancer and so far 6 Estrogen Hours have raised $13,000. She thanked Darryl for coming down from Canada for the show, then performed her own comedy about dating at age 60, needing a “How to be 60” guide, and hopefully lose weight by having more sex. Stay tuned for next Estrogen Hour at Laff’s and more laughs. Oddly enough several of these ladies are my FB friends.

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