Parents and retirees who CARE

by David Safier

Dave Perry, publisher and editor of The Explorer, wrote a very good article on CARE — Concerned Area Residents for Education — a group recently formed by northwest Tucson parents and retirees as a response to the K-12 budget cuts. The group is scrupulously nonpartisan and independent of other organizations, and very hard working. They put together an excellent, informative email newsletter which you can sign up for by emailing them at

Here's the link to CARE's website.

Full Disclosure: I write a weekly column for The Explorer, so Dave Perry is kind of my boss. Here's my latest, which, it just so happens, covers a trip CARE organized to visit with legislators in Phoenix. The target of the piece is Rep. Vic Williams, who needs to develop a bit more respect of the importance of his job, and for his constituents.

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