Party of ‘NO’ Says ‘NO’ to Debates on CNN, NBC

Partyofnoby Pamela Powers Hannley

In recent years, the Republican Party has earned the well-deserved nickname of the “Party of NO.” Senior Senator form Kentucky, Mitch McConnell (AKA Senator Gridlock) is the Party of NO’s mascot with an astounding 413 filibusters since 2007.

The latest thing for the Republican National Committee to say “Hell, No!” to is debates on CNN and NBC. Why are they pulling debates from these two national networks? Because they plan to air a specials about Hillary Clinton.

Seriously? Instead of rising to the challenge of the Democratic Party’s early presidential favorite and finding an intelligent candidate (ie, not Rand Paul or Rick Perry), you’re going to HIDE from her and the American people?

Being afraid of a TV special that airs three years before the election is just silly– given the American public’s short attention span.

Stop your sniveling and man up.

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One response to “Party of ‘NO’ Says ‘NO’ to Debates on CNN, NBC

  1. On Friday, RNC communications director Sean Spicer told POLITICO that the boycott would extend to NBC and CNN’s Spanish-language channels: Telemundo and CNN Español.

    How’s that reaching out to Latino voters working out?