White Nationalist follower (and unbelievably Arizona Congressional District Four House Representative)  Paul Gosar was able to mingle with some kindred spirits this fourth of July in Prescott.

MSNBC Journalist Vaughn Hillyard tweeted this picture of Mr. Gosar interacting with several men.

Photo from Vaughn Hillyard Twitter


Well, it did not take long for others to recognize that the people Gosar were engaging with belonged to white nationalist and ultra-right-wing fringe groups The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers.

Of course, Mr. Gosar took exception to anyone criticizing the company he keeps. He tweeted back:

So in Paul Gosar’s world view, the people he posed with were just “some locals” and the person who sent the original tweet (Nick Martin) is “the hater of America who is the enemy of the people.”

Ladies and Gentlemen who live in Congressional District Four who do not drink the Kool-Aid from Fox Island, Disinfowars, or the Trump Zone: Is this the person you want to continue to represent you in Congress in 2021?

The two Democrats (Deliana DiSanto and Stuart Starky)  competing for the opportunity to electorally retire Mr. Gosar this November expressed their views (via tweet and comments to Blog for Arizona) on the CD Four Representatives choice of pals.

Delina DiSanto tweeted:

She later wrote:

“I was made aware that Rep. Paul Gosar was at a 4th of July event in Prescott at Prescott Square. Vaughn Hillyard, NBC News political reporter, had taken a picture of Rep. Gosar with a member of Proud Boy and there was a member of Oath Keeper in the frame. Vaughn posted this on twitter.”

“The Oath Keepers founder, Steward Rhodes had said that U.S. Senator John McCain was a traitor to our constitution and should be hung until dead. This is the kind of people Rep. Gosar surrounds himself with. He incites them with lies of their guns being taken away; that their freedoms are being taken away; that foreigners are taking their jobs; and it continues with many conspiracy theories. I’ve heard he likes to create this rhetoric to stir attention to himself. Well, this rhetoric is causing more hatred. It’s empowering his base to draw guns whenever a confrontation occurs. Is this the America we want? Do we want our leaders to associate with hate groups and prop them up? That’s not what our Constitution was created for. Is he a patriot to his country? Is he for the people? Or is he just picking and choosing what people he will represent? Is this the kind of representative you want?”

“Well, I’m not like him at all. I will be an advocate for all the people of Congressional District Four, not just a few. I have seen how hate can hurt people and not just people of color or people of different sexual orientation, but all people. They are hurting and I promise to find the solutions, not play games for attention or cause divisiveness.”

Stuart Starky issued several tweets including (please click:)

He also stated:

“I am campaigning on healthcare and better schools and civility back in govt. He is campaigning on hate. Never had an election had the differences do clear for the voters.”

Matt Grodsky, the spokesperson of the Arizona Democratic Party issued a statement on July 6, 2020, writing:

“The country is reeling from two crises. Racial injustice and COVID-19. Gosar managed to be on the wrong side of both of them in just one week.It is beyond embarrassing for Arizona to be represented by someone who disregards medical experts and poses for photos with members of hate groups. Gosar has got to go in November.”

The people of CD Four deserve better than Paul Gosar.

His backward and nativist views and those of his natural constituents are not those that will bring Arizonans together and move the state and country forward.

There are two viable alternatives to choose from. Do what most of Dr. Gosar’s family will do this primary and choose one of them.

Please remember:

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