Paul Ryan: Why Propose Stale Budget Policies We Voted Against in November?


Class war375-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

Does Congressman Paul Ryan not realize that the Romney-Ryan ticket lost in November? 

And that President Barack Obama (who sounded like a progressive in the last days of the campaign) won by a larger margin than any other president in recent history— including John Kennedy, Ronald Raegan, and Bill Clinton? 

The November election was a much a referendum FOR Obama as it was AGAINST Republican austerity and their ideas to balance the budget on the backs of Americans– rather than forcing the 1% to pay their fair share.

Or does Ryan– and the other Wall Street shills in Congress– just think that if they propose the same stale, trickle down economics and middle class austerity ideas over and over again that eventually we will acquiesce and say, "Oh, yeah, go ahead and screw the 99%. Obviously, the robber barons… er… your corporate masters… er… the 1% really need additional tax breaks more than we need Social Security or Medicare."

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  1. The discredited Gallup Poll that was among the least accurate in 2012 and has been fired by several news organizations as its pollster. You are a fool.

    By the way troll, transient public opinion polls do not negate election results.

  2. Here is the GOP Gerrymandering report from REDMAP crowing about how the GOP gerrymandered its way to holding onto the House despite 1.1 million more Democratic votes cast in House races in 2012. Anyway you look at it, the 2012 election was a referendum: the public voted for the Democrats’ balanced approach to economics and budgeting, and relected the GOP’s “trickle-down” economics and slash-and-burn budget cuts to the safety net.

  3. You know, some people learn from their mistakes. Others do not. Thanks for writing about this. The “premium support” program is no support at all.