PDA Calls on Members to Fight Against Food Stamp Cuts


2013-02-24 16.52.57by Pamela Powers Hannley

Earlier today, I posted a story about Republicans’ draconian and racist amendment to the Farm Bill that would deny food stamp benefits for ex-convicts– for the rest of their lives. (Obviously, a great way to pump up recidivism.)

But ex-cons are not the only people that Republicans want to starve. Overall, they want to cut billions from the food stamp program (while working behind the scenes to lessen the burned of regulation on the banksters. Who elected them? I thought it was real people– not corporate persons– who elected them.)

Below is an action alert from the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). It’s time to call your elected Congressional representatives and tell them thatAusterity is Not an Option! Starving people, taking their jobs, taking their houses, reducing benefits… these austerity measures haven't worked in Europe. They won’t work here.

From PDA…

Extremists in Congress want to slash funding for Food Stamps (aka SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). We must stand up against this heartless effort. Call and write your Senators and Representative, and tell them to oppose the Farm Bill unless full funding for food stamps is restored. We must do more to end hunger, not less.

Please watch this video in which I interviewed PDA Advisory Board member, Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts about the upcoming Farm Bill–and the despicable plan to cut food stamps in a time of great hunger. Call and write your Senators and Representative, and tell them to reject the Farm Bill if it contains these hunger-causing cuts.

In the video, Rep. McGovern describes what he calls “a defining moment.” More details about food stamp cuts after the jump.

Please join with him as he leads the effort to restore $20.5 billion in cuts to the food stamp program passed by the House Agriculture Committee. These $20.5 billion in cuts in a nation with 50 million hungry people–17 million of them kids–will increase hunger in America. 

This is not acceptable to us as progressives. Increasing hunger is wrong. Punishing those who have suffered most from the recession is wrong. Taking food stamps away from millions of hungry children, veterans, disabled and other Americans is wrong. Congress must reverse the cuts and restore those funds. Together, we can help!

Support Rep. McGovern’s amendment to protect kids from hungerThey don’t have powerful lobbyists or wealthy SuperPACs. But they do have leaders of conscience like Rep. McGovern, and activists like us. Let’s stand up together against hunger!

Call and write your Senators and Representative, and tell them to oppose the Farm Bill unless food stamp funds are restored.

If you want to help PDA fight against food stamp cuts, please click here to donate online or find out how to send a check to support our efforts.

No Farm Bill should make hunger worse!

It’s fights like this that make me glad I stand with you in PDA.


Tim Carpenter
PDA National Director

P.S.–The vote on food stamp cuts will happen quickly, so please call and email ASAP to support Rep. McGovern’s fight to restore the funds for food stamps in the Farm Bill. Also, join us for our June Educate Congress letter drops.