PDA People’s Inauguration live– NOW


Randy-p-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

The People's Inauguration– sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)– is live streaming now here.

Great stuff– War on Poverty, immigration reform, organizing the unemployed, Robin Hood Tax, eminent domain for economic development.

Jesse Jackson, Randy Parraz, Congressman John Conyers, and labor leaders just spoke.

Randy Parraz: "Change is coming to Arizona."

Jesse Jackson: The US should be as tough on gun manufacturers as we are on tobacco companies.

Bill Fletcher of the government employees union: Unions should organize the unemployed. He also called for the government to use eminent domain to take over forclosures and failing factories (before they close) to save people and communities from crushing poverty. [Why not? We saved GM.]

Congressman Jim McGovern now: "Hunger is a political condition."

More coming. Tune in. Tweets at @pdacommunity, @ProgressiveCentral and @p2hannley. Photos on PDA's Facebook page. Do it. Be the change you want to see. You are not alone in this struggle.