by David Safier

Why bother with analysis when the quotes speak for themselves?

Here's Russell Pearce as quoted in the Arizona Guardian:

"If you want to get rid of something, you tax it. If you want to increase something, then deregulate and untax it," he said. The budget cuts made last week will not cause any "real layoffs," he said.

The education system in Arizona is in far better shape than most Arizonans believe, Pearce said. The problem is that the education community has distributed "fabricated" information about school funding and teacher pay, which the mainstream media has reported, he said.

I'm not sure what a "real layoff" is. Something that happens to people you know? Or to people who make enough money they matter?

Russell's comments, by the way, are in response to a survey by the Behavior Research Center of Phoenix that found voters believe job creation and public education should be the main concerns of legislators. Looks like Pearce has both of those covered, though "buried" might be a better term.