Pearce seems to be having trouble with the concept

by David Safier

Russell Pearce seems to be having trouble with the basic concept of Republican politics. You only pull out your big immigration guns in an election year. It's not really about illegal immigration. It's about frightening and energizing your base and people in the middle so they'll vote for you.

Pearce initially didn't have the votes to become Senate President. In fact, lots of business people — especially realtors and developers — were telling Republicans not to vote Pearce in. They're afraid any more body blows to education could do further harm to real estate prices and keep business out of the state. They want someone only mildly crazy to be running the Senate, not the Bull Goose Loony.

So Pearce kinda promised to table his Baby Birther bill for awhile, which would stop children born in this country of immigrant parents from becoming automatic citizens. That gave him the three extra votes he needed to became Senate Pres.

But apparently he had his fingers crossed behind his back. He said he wouldn't introduce a Baby Birther bill. But that doesn't stop Kavanagh from introducing one in the House and Pearce supporting it in the Senate.

Listen, when Pearce has got Antenori complaining, you know he's gone too far.

"What he's committed to me was [the "anchor baby" legislation] wasn't going to be dealt with in the first session and that we're going to focus on the economy and jobs," Sen. Frank Antenori, a Tucson Republican, told one of my colleagues this week. "That was the deal. I'd hate to be disappointed by Russell if he gets behind an effort to push that bill through without doing the reforms we have to do on the economy and creating jobs."

Methinks Pearce has a touch of "Mandate Fever," and some other Republicans are trying to lower his temperature a bit.

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  1. It is a shame that in 1.5 years that the Democrats didn’t pass any law legalizing guest workers.