One thing people can say about the human spirit is in most cases, people will band together to help others when disaster strikes.

It happened after 9/11.


It happened after Hurricane Katrina.

It happened and is still occurring when many donated food and supplies to help the people economically dislocated during the Coronavirus.

It is happening again in Gila Bend where that community was ravaged by almost four inches of rain on August 13, 2021.

According to reporting from PBS, two people have died as a result of the flooding in the area, 30 have been rescued, and 100 buildings have been damaged.

Robert Rowley, the Director of the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, said:

“We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can and that we’re providing any help that we can to get them back to recovery as soon as possible.”

First Responders are in the area assessing the damage and assisting with recovery efforts.

Governor Doug Ducey has toured the area and issued a statement that read:

“My prayers go out to all the Arizonans in Gila Bend, Flagstaff, and all other areas of our state being impacted by flash flooding and heavy rain. We knew early on that there would be challenges that come from this monsoon season, but as I look around me, it’s tough to comprehend just how devastating it’s been. I want all the residents of Gila Bend to know that we are with you, and we are going to overcome this. We will do everything we can to protect you and help you recover.”

Several legislators including Legislative District 28 State Representative and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Aaron Lieberman have made calls for volunteers to help out Gila Bend.

Representative Lieberman, in a separate statement to supporters, asked them to send donations to help the residents and community of Gila Bend recover. Please click here if you would like to help out. Anything will do.

Below is a video link (Representative Lieberman with Pat Riggs, the head of Parks and Recreation in Gila Bend) and some pictures of the volunteer,  activities today (August 29, 2021.)



Another Democratic candidate for Governor, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, also posted a statement about the flooding at Gila Bend.

While Secretary Hobbs is one hundred percent right on point about the need to combat climate change, the focus should now be on helping the residents and community of Gila Bend recover.

It is very gratifying that people are coming together to help each other when in need.

It is only a shame that it takes events like natural disasters for that to happen on most occasions.