Pete Hershberger gives Nancy Young Wright a full throated endorsement

by David Safier

My hat's off to Pete Hershberger. In an email sent out to Nancy Young Wright's mailing list, Hershberger gives Nancy about as high a recommendation as you can get, especially from a Republican who previously held the same office.

Here's the whole letter:

October 21, 2010
Dear ….,

As a life-long Republican, it is only on special occasions that I support the candidacy of a Democrat.  In this election, the stakes are too high and the challenges too great to let partisan political affiliations get in the way of electing the best people qualified to serve.

That is why this election, I am supporting Nancy Young Wright for State Representative in Legislative District 26.

I have spent my life working with children and their families in Tucson.  I see the impacts of the legislature’s cuts to our schools.  The impacts of these misguided policies resonate throughout our economy, criminal justice system and even hurt our pocket books.

I represented Legislative District 26 in the Arizona House of Representatives.  I know how tough it is to go toe-to-toe everyday with the Phoenix leadership and special interests to stand-up for the future generation.

I have watched Nancy over the years as she served on the Amphitheater School District Board and as she as served in the Legislature.  She has demonstrated herself to be a thoughtful and tireless advocate for our schools and our children.

This election, I am voting for Nancy Young Wright for Representative in Legislative District 26, and I am asking all Republicans, Democrats and others to do the same.

Thank you,
Pete Hershberger

I should also note that Hershberger has endorsed Cheryl Cage for LD-26 Senate and Gabrielle Giffords for CD-8 House. The subject line of Hershberger's email is "A Special Occasion." This is a special occasion indeed, and very special circumstances. Let's hope moderate Ds, Rs and Is are paying attention.

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