Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari Celebrate Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, in a press release, announced the creation of an Environment and Sustainability Hub whose purpose is to:

“…provide residents with timely updates and expedite access to programs focused on environmental, sustainability, and climate programs. From plans for developing electric vehicle infrastructure, to preserving urban farmland, the site highlights how the City of Phoenix is taking action to conserve resources, fight climate change, and improve the environmental quality of life for future generations.”

Commenting on the new hub, the Mayor of the fifth largest city in the country wrote:

“This fiscal year, we passed an aggressive, accelerated Climate Action Plan, launched the first-ever public Office of Heat Response and Mitigation, piloted Cool Pavement technology, planted the first Cool Corridor, invested in the Circular Economy, and introduced an Electric Vehicle Roadmap. Residents want to know more, access, and engage on programs which are often scattered across multiple departments. This new hub of information makes it easier to navigate and find the myriad of programs in progress.”

Please click on the full press release below.

220422 Mayor Gallego Unveils Environment and Sustsainability Information Hub

Like Tucson and other Arizona towns and cities pursuing forward thinking sustainability policies, Mayor Gallego and members of the Phoenix City Council have launched pro environment initiatives like an electric vehicle roadway map, a million tree planting initiative, and the creation of a an Office of Heat, Response, and Mitigation.

The Mayor also took to social media to celebrate Earth Day, posting:

Phoenix Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, a valued ally and supporter of Mayor Gallego’s Sustainability and Environmental policies, also hailed the arrival of Earth Day 2022 by issuing several posts on social media, including invitations to various weekend events.