Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Applauds The Biden/Harris Administration Announcing $700 Million in Private Investment toward 250,000 Electric Vehicle Chargers A Year

The Biden/Harris Administration announced on June 28, 2022, that $700 million in private investments, thanks to the passage of the Presidents leadership and the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will go toward the production of 250,000 electric vehicle chargers per year.

The $700 million in private investment ($450 million from Siemens and $250 million from Electrify America) will also result in the creation of 2,000 new high paying jobs.

In its statement announcing the $700 million in private investments toward electric chargers, the  White House Press Office offered:

“…President Biden’s vision, leadership and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have positioned the United States to lead the electric future and make it in America…Today’s announcements demonstrate how the President is catalyzing private investment to boost our domestic manufacturing capacity, enabling America to create a national network of chargers and create thousands of new high-quality, union jobs building, installing, and maintaining it. Today, the auto industry renaissance continues as the private sector steps up to invest in American-made charging across the country.”

Reacting to the White House announcement, Phoenix and Sustainability Leader Mayor Kate Gallego, whose city just passed a vast Electrification Action Plan, applauded the news of the $700 million in private investments, stating in an interview with Blog for Arizona:

“I am very excited and so thankful for the President for working with Siemens and Electrify America. We hope that a good chunk of  the 2000 jobs that will be created will benefit us. The Valley is often called the Electric Valley because the concentration of electric vehicle companies and investments we have here. It’s my goal that our companies and workforce really benefit from that. We also have a great partnership with I B E W which is training technicians in this area. And I am very optimistic that electric vehicles are increasingly the road to the future.”